About Us

"Neo Zoë Koinonia"

About New Life Anglican Fellowship

We are a small church replant, meeting in a community room to worship, in one another’s living rooms to pray and study, and in various venues around Beaver county to bring healing and compassion to the communities in which we live. Dissatisfied with merely meeting for a church service, we have developed a number of ways in which we attempt to live out our lives in Christ more comprehensively. In so doing, most of us will tell you that we are experiencing God’s grace, power and love in ways we would have never believed possible. We invite you to “taste and see that the Lord is good” by joining in some of our activities. Everyone is welcome!

We love Jesus. We seek to live lives pleasing to him, not out of compulsion but freely, out of the gratitude we feel for the freedom he won for us. Here is how we believe we can best please him:


The act of exercising love by genuine and honest service to others


The act of humbly asking God to bring his healing power to bear in our lives


The act of bringing ourselves into relationship with God



The act of praising and thanking God

Beyond Sunday morning worship, we meet in small groups periodically throughout the week. In those groups we pray together, study the Scriptures together, and serve God’s children together. We share one another’s burdens. We practice forgiveness, compassion and humility. For many years now we have maintained a relationship with intellectually challenged adults through a monthly meal we call the Mustard Seed Café. Our members serve on charitable boards and volunteer in a number of compassion ministries. We are good humored people but we take our faith seriously. We generally won’t push our beliefs upon you but if you ask us we will tell you that Jesus Christ is transforming our lives. We would love to meet you and get to know you, not because we need something from you but because you are unique and valuable and you are precious to our Lord.

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